7 Enchantment of Ho Chi Minh City


The center of economic power emerging in Southeast Asia, Ho Chi Minh City is one of the most exciting cities on the planet, where the mixing of French culture with the East, and the Vietnam War is still remembered as just happened yesterday. And with the emergence of skyscrapers, places of prominence and the fashion world, this is the best time to visit is still very much alive in the midst of a global recession.

Authenticity of Vietnam
Vietnamese cuisine is gaining popularity all over the world, but there is no better place than the capital city of the country. For those looking for fusion food, go to Xu Bar, not just the pre-eminent nightlife in the city, but also a place Nyuyen Chef Attempt to revive the traditional Vietnamese cuisine.

Coffee and Caf

Ho Chi Minh City by is bright with various lights at night, providing a relaxed atmosphere that supports the emergence of cafes along the street. Vietnam is one of the leading coffee producers in the world. Caffeine lovers will find themselves in paradise with variety of local coffee. Powerful way to freshen up and relax, choose a random cafe on the corner and order a cup of local coffee. Sit back and enjoy while you laze away view of passing pedestrians.

Adventure in the City

In addition to a variety of cafes to relax and spend time, Ho Chi Minh City also has a modern bar is a favorite for locals and expatriates. Q Bar, Saigon Saigon Bar, Bar Xu, Lush and Velvet are just a few places from a long list of frequently used to hang out and party.

Marker Municipality
it is easy to travel in the metropolitan city of Ho Chi Minh City on foot, mainly because of the interesting places located in District One. Start with the Cathedral of Notre Dame, a red brick building decorated with stained glass, then your foot step forward into the Saigon Central Post Office, a French colonial building with classical interior.

The place was also operates all postal services from the city and the best place to buy a phone card. The Opera House is công chứng thanh xuân a place that describes the city, featuring a mix of traditional opera performances west and Vietnam. Meanwhile, the Reunification Palace is the home of former Viet Cong leader whose name was adopted into the name of the town,

Gang Motor

After exploring the most iconic place in District One, rent a motorcycle for the streets and feel the mode of transport most used by people of Vietnam. Vietnam commuters travel by motorcycle, and although this mode is not the most secure, but it is the most authentic vehicles in Vietnam.

Remnants of War

one of the most popular tourist attractions in Vietnam, Chu Chi Tunnels is an underground network that was built during the Vietnam War. Has a length of about 121 km, visitors can take a tour and see for yourself the condition when the Vietcong waged a bloody war against the United States. Museum Time of War (War Remnant Museum) or also known as the Museum of American Crime is another tourist destination worth visiting. Although very biased and one side, but this place provides important insights about the Vietcong reaction to the war.


most visitors to Vietnam’s spends their time for shopping. Ben Than Market is the main market in Ho Chi Minh and the place to look for souvenirs. There are many choices of t-shirts with the words such as “Good Morning Vietnam” and “Miss Saigon” to embroidery and lacquered wooden ornaments, and for those who like coffee, there are some best coffee beans in this region. The women will want to try Ao Dai, Vietnam’s national dress, the best in this region, combining shorts and dresses. Visit my blog with more information about traveling in here and you will also found important stuff during traveling with camera. Here we provides tips using camera during traveling.