Top 7 Wedding Dress Trends that are Making Statement in 2017!


If you are planning your dream wedding this year, and want it to stand out, then there’s a lot you can learn from this article.

Weddings are magical, which fills us with hope, happiness, satisfaction, and many other emotions. It’s a new journey in another world with your soul mate who is going to be yours forever.

Planning a beautiful wedding is not as easy you may think; you have to plan everything from – invitations to food, and your dress to bridesmaid dresses.

You can go for sheer, or opt for ruffles, and floral gowns or dresses in shades such as pale gold or blue. A bride’s dress is the main attraction is any wedding; so before you choose your dress, have a look at the wedding dresses that are trending this year.

You can go for sheer, or opt for ruffles, and floral gowns or dresses in shades such as pale gold or blue.


  1. Style with Embellishment

If you are getting married soon, and want to add a bit of bling, then adding embellishment is a top trend this year. Designers are adorning everything from necklines to hemlines, and the main attraction is adding fabulous embellishment all over it. The designer says that it makes a beautiful gown spectacular; this type of intricate work is not done in every dress but only for the special dress like – a wedding gown. Crystal beading, multi-colored embroidery, delicate lace and 3D applique can be added to the gown to make the brides look beautiful.

Tip: Stores that sell diamonds online, diamond jewelry or pearl can be a great option to add bling to your look. You can wear them as chokers or pendants or classy earrings. You can also exchange your old jewelry in the stores and can opt for trendy pieces that will make you look elegant for the wedding.


  1. Feathers are in fashion!

If you are interested in texture, then leave everything and choose a wedding dress with feathers. It is a great way to bring the pure glamor to a gown, as well as beautiful movement as you walk down the aisle or take a twist on the dance floor. The designers are in awestruck with this design and are choosing it over the usual bridal dress. Textures have been in trend so much that the designers have made it into bridal dresses.


  1. Statement Bows

Bows are back but have become bigger in size. The traditional motif has been in style for the new bridal season this year and will be in trend for the next few years. Bows have the ability to make a broad range of statements depending on how they are fashioned and presented. The bows can be perfected as a finishing touch on a frothy gown by the way of a delicate satin ribbon or can be sculpted out of a more structured fabrication. Whatever way you add it to your gown, it is a wonderful way to bring a bit of feminity to the bridal style.


  1. Shades of colors

Colored gowns have been most popular this year and beyond. Now the brides are choosing different colors like pink and sumptuous blue, rather than the ivory and white. These traditional gowns have been replaced by these beautiful colorful gowns that are beautiful and have innovative hue. Brides have become more audacious while choosing their gowns and subtle colors are becoming their choice. Champagne, gold, and pink are also the most popular color for wedding gowns.


  1. Bridal Capes are new!

Don’t like veils? Full-length bridal cape or shorter cape is the perfect substitute. Though it is the new trend, it still adds dimension to your gown and gives a modern look. This trend is an easy way to pull that mid-wedding outfit, you don’t have to change and can rock it easily. Wear a cape for your ceremony and create a different look for your reception.


  1. High collars

A high color gives high fashion vibes and they had returned in 2017, not only in mainstream fashion but in the bridal section too. A higher neckline is the ideal way to balance out a statement back that shows a lot of skin. It works extremely well with a vintage vibe or a wedding dress with long shimmering sleeves. These gowns can be completely hand-beaded and have high neckline which is balanced by hand-beaded mesh on the chest.


  1. Off-shoulder dress

The Bardot neckline has been in trend this year, not only for wardrobes but also for the D-Day. It is a great neckline for brides-to-be, who feel a little off going strapless. Laces that make a statement against colored fabrics will be popular, along with the soft off-the-shoulder necklines, with delicate trailing details.

Apart from the above trends, there are many trends like – long sleeves, hi- low hemline, layers and many more. These trends have become highly popular and many brides are opting for different gowns that make them standout in the wedding.

If you are also a bride-to-be, then checkout these latest trend, and be a bride that not only swoop his groom of his feet, but all the guests at the wedding with your beautiful and astonishing gown.



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